3D Secure

Vesta’s 3D Secure add-on enables 3DS support for Payment Guarantee, which further reduces your exposure to fraud risk. Adding 3DS support to your Payment Guarantee implementation simplifies the three pillars of fraud prevention into a one-stop solution completely managed by Vesta, which eliminates fraud, maximizes revenue, and provides the best possible customer experience for your business.

With our 3DS add-on capability we leverage our machine learning intelligence to invoke the most appropriate 3DS workflow (challenge or frictionless), which increases approval rates and decreases order abandonment.


Adding 3DS support to your Payment Guarantee integration provides the following benefits:

  • Maximized payment acceptance - Accept more payments by shifting liability to Vesta for transactions that might otherwise have been declined.
  • Managed access - Avoid the complexity and burden of having to manage integration and compliance issues in-house by leveraging Vesta’s turnkey 3DS workflows.
  • Vesta handles integration to the interoperability domain and all communication to and from other 3DS domains.
  • Vesta manages and maintains compliance with all 3DS regulations and standards on your behalf.
  • Reduced friction at checkout - Obtain Secure Customer Authentication precisely when it is needed. This reduces friction and abandonment, and improves order conversion. Many low-risk transactions will be processed without 3DS, which improves customer experience.
  • Vesta provides access to the 3DS v2 Frictionless Flow that enables certain transactions to bypass the SCA process and proceed directly to payment authorization.


The 3DS add-on includes the following features when added to your Payment Guarantee implementation:

  • 3DS V2 and V1 support
    • Merchant configurable options based on requirements and region
    • Automatic fallback to 3DS V1 based on issuing bank requirements directed by the Access Control Server (ACS)
  • Enhanced 3DS V2 features
    • Low-dollar-amount exemptions
    • No site-specific enrollment requirements
    • Cross-platform support
    • Digital wallet and token support using non-payment-cardholder authentication
    • Enhanced browser-based authentication
    • Token-based authentication
    • Biometric authentication